Netherlands – appeal against Liberian sanctions conviction dismissed

The Dutch Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal against the 19-year sentence for (amongst other crimes) breach of the EU’s Liberian sanctions.

The appeal was largely on the grounds that the Liberian government had granted an amnesty which was said to apply. The Supreme Court disagreed, and in any event held that such an amnesty is incompatible with Dutch obligations under the European Convention of Human Rights.

Netherlands – 19 year jail term imposed on appeal

The Court of Appeal in Hertogenbosch has upheld and extended the conviction and sentence imposed on an individual for breaches of the EU’s Liberian sanctions.

Amongst other offences, the defendant had supplied arms and munitions to the government of Charles Taylor in breach of sanctions.

At first instance he had been acquitted of some charges and sentenced to 8 years in jail. Both the defendant and the public prosecutor appealed.

On appeal all charges were found proven and a sentence of 19 years was imposed.

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