Effective Estate Planning

The thought of estate planning often brings to mind your will and your legacy. As you have spent your entire life on the acquisition, management and preservation of your wealth of assets for the benefit of your loved ones you leave behind, shouldn’t you pay as much attention to the prudent distribution of your assets upon your demise to ensure that your wishes are effective in bringing about the desired result and minimize the burden on your loved ones who inherit your assets? Of particular concern here is the legacy involving real estate property and joint bank accounts. The key to effective estate planning is knowing how the manner of holding such assets in the first place affects the right to transfer them upon death.

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提到遗产规划,相信你会联想到遗嘱和遗产。在你用了一生的时间为了至亲至爱所积累,管理和保护你的财富的时候, 更应该确保过世后财产会被谨慎合理的分配,在达到所期望的分配结果的同时,减轻继承财产的负担。其中特别需要注意的是房地产和联名银行账户。有效遗产规划的关键是了解持有这些资产的方式将会如何影响过世后的转让权。

动产: 联权共有和生存者拥有原则


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