Updates to the Application Criteria for Family Offices under the S13O and S13U Tax Incentive Schemes

By Leon Yee and Jennifer Lo

In recent years, Singapore has attracted large inflows of wealth to be managed here, establishing its status as a leading wealth management hub in the region. This is largely thanks to the rule of law, economic and political stability, welcoming investment climate and business-friendly environment in Singapore, which have all played a pivotal role in attracting high net-worth individuals to invest in Singapore.

According to the Global Family Office Compensation Benchmark Report recently published by KPMG Private Enterprise and family office consultancy Agreus, it is estimated that 59% of the family offices in Asia are located in Singapore. The number of single family offices (“SFOs”) in Singapore has leapt from 700 in 2021 to 1,100 as of the end of 2022. Continue reading “Updates to the Application Criteria for Family Offices under the S13O and S13U Tax Incentive Schemes”


近些年,家族办公室(Family Office,简称“家办”)这个概念逐渐兴起并受到大众的关注,申请家办的客户大增。根据新加坡联合早报2022年10月8日的报道,新加坡金融管理局待批的家族理财申请就多达600家,如果全部获批,引进新加坡的资金保守估计达120亿元。

那么家办究竟是怎样的一个机构,它有什么功能?家办应该设立在哪里?在新加坡设立家办有什么优势?就上述常见的问题,本所的合伙人于岚女士给出了专业的解答。 Continue reading “设立家族办公室的5大常见Q&A”




Continue reading “新加坡家办门槛提高——深度解析金管局新政的底层逻辑”

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