Immigrating to Singapore? Pick an Immigration Path That Suits You

In recent years, apart from traditionally popular locations such as the United States, Canada and Australia, Singapore has also become a hotspot for immigrants. With its prime geographical location, stable political environment, top-notch infrastructure, diverse social culture, pro-business regulatory framework, abundance of medical and educational resources, low crime rate and extensive tax incentives, everything makes this garden city―located near the equator with an average temperature of 20-35°C all year round―an attractive relocation destination.

As the number of applicants for immigration to Singapore increases, the minimum requirements for successful applications have also increased in value by the Singapore government. The minimum threshold for family offices’ tax incentive applications rose from the initial, unwritten but customary S$5 million to a whopping S$20 million almost overnight as of 18 April this year. But does that mean that there is no hope for immigration? No. Let us explore some common immigration routes to Singapore.

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新加坡科技准证(Tech Pass)正式启动

早于去年年末,新加坡经济发展局就曾宣布将于今年推出一种新型准证Tech Pass,旨在吸引全球顶尖科技人才前往新加坡,以促进新加坡科技态系统的发展,进一步巩固新加坡作为区域科技枢纽的领先地位。近期,新加坡经济发展局正式启动了Tech Pass,申请人已经可以在其官网上提交申请了。


申请人不必必须受雇于新加坡企业,其可以是新加坡企业的雇员,也可以直接在新加坡进行创业、做投资人、担任董事等。申请人只要满足以下三项条件中的两项就可以申请科技准证。当前持有工作准证(Employment Pass)、 个人化就业准证(Personalized Employment Pass)等准证的人员,若在符合条件的情况下亦可以申请更换其准证为科技准证。

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