UK – OFSI’s enforcement statistics for 2022-23

The UK’s Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation has today published its Annual Review for 2022-2023.

The report includes the following regarding enforcement activity:

“As of April 2023, OFSI’s Enforcement Unit had 172 cases under live investigation, many of which are complex and remain ongoing.

In 2022-2023, OFSI recorded 473 suspected breaches of financial sanctions (excluding oil price cap and counter-terrorism breaches). This is a significant increase on the 147 cases recorded in 2021-2022. This increase was expected given the scale of increased Russia sanctions, and OFSI’s increased enforcement capabilities. This data refers to the year in which a suspected breach is recorded, rather than the year in which the potential breach activity occurred. Recorded breaches includes cases which are self-reported, reported by a third party, and those independently generated by OFSI.

Over the course of the financial year, OFSI issued 7 warning letters in response to confirmed breaches which OFSI did not consider warranted public enforcement action, and 2 monetary penalties. 51 cases were closed with no further action, 44 of which related to Russia related sanctions breach reports. OFSI does not in all cases provide its view of whether a breach occurred or not, although many suspected breaches recorded by OFSI are considered not to be breaches of financial sanctions following further investigation. A number of cases in this period were referred to other agencies, including criminal and regulatory authorities. OFSI does not provide further breakdowns on referrals to criminal authorities”.

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