The Duane Morris Class Action Defense Blog’s 200th Post Of 2023!

Duane Morris Takeaways: 2023 was a busy year for the Duane Morris Class Action Defense blog – it just recorded its 200th post of the year!!!!

Since our kick-off post, our data analytics show there have been over 34,000 views to blog posts, with thousands of our loyal subscribers reading about class action litigation developments. There are many highlights from this year’s posts, but we wanted to provide just a few for you here. Click on the links below to see all the hot trends in class action litigation!

Overview Of The 200 Posts In 2023

We launched the first edition of the Duane Morris Class Action Review, which is a one-of-its-kind publication analyzing class action trends, decisions, and settlements in all areas impacting Corporate America. The Review has been prominently featured in the media and is a must-have for all human resources professionals, business leaders, and corporate counsel.

We will be publishing the 2024 Edition of the Review in January.

We also published five mini-books focused on specialized areas of law in class action litigation and on EEOC-Initiated litigation. Here are the links to our blog posts announcing the EEOC-Initiated Litigation Review, the Privacy Class Action Review, the Wage & Hour Class And Collective Action Review, the Private Attorneys General Act Reviewand the Consumer Fraud Class Action Review.









We also kicked off the Duane Morris Class Action Weekly Wire podcast, in which we talk about hot class action rulings and developments in real time and in relatable ways for our viewers. Tune in on Fridays for new episodes, and subscribe to our show from your preferred podcast platform: SpotifyAmazon MusicApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, the Samsung Podcasts app, Podcast IndexTune InListen NotesiHeartRadioDeezerYouTube or our RSS feed.

Below are the top five most viewed blog posts in 2023 – which had over 10,000 combined views!

  1. Revised Illinois Day and Temporary Labor Services Act: Implications For Staffing Agencies And Their Customers
  2. It Is Here — The Duane Morris Class Action Review – 2023
  3. Colorado Supreme Court Applies Litigation Privilege To Attorney’s Allegedly Defamatory Statements About Class Action Defendant
  4. Delaware Says Corporate Officers Are Now Subject To A Duty Of Oversight In The Workplace Harassment Context
  5. Implementation Of Equal Pay And Benefits Requirement Of The Illinois Day & Temporary Labor Services Act Likely Postponed Until April 2024

Thank you loyal followers for making the Class Action Defense blog your pick for class action litigation related information, trends, and analysis. We truly appreciate it! Please keep coming back, we promise to keep the content fresh!

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