Introducing The Duane Morris Privacy Class Action Review – 2023

By Gerald L. Maatman, Jr., Jennifer A. Riley, and Alex W. Karasik

Duane Morris Takeaways: The last year saw a virtual explosion in privacy class action litigation. As a result, compliance with privacy laws in the myriad of ways that companies interact with employees, customers, and third parties is a corporate imperative. To that end, the class action team at Duane Morris is pleased to present the inaugural edition of the Privacy Class Action Review – 2023. This new publication analyzes the key privacy-related rulings and developments in 2022 and the significant legal decisions and trends impacting privacy class action litigation for 2023. We hope that companies and employers will benefit from this resource in their compliance with these evolving laws and standards.

Click here to download a copy of the Privacy Class Action Review – 2023 eBook.

Co-Editor of the Review Jerry Maatman provided insights on our new publication earlier this week to the Wall Street Journal in its article on privacy class action litigation, which can be found here: Biometric-Privacy Rulings in Illinois Expand Potential Liability for Tech Firms – WSJ

Duane Morris partners Jerry Maatman, Jennifer Riley, and Alex Karasik also recently recorded the first edition of “The Class Action Weekly Wire,” our new podcast series, in which contributors to our Duane Morris Class Action Review discuss the significant rulings and legislation in various areas of law. To add context to our new publication, last Friday’s edition discussed recent developments in privacy class action litigation. Click here to watch and listen to the podcast!

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