VIETNAM – GUIDANCE FOR FOREIGN INVESTORS: Sectors/sub-sectors in which representative offices and branches of foreign traders allowed to establish

According to Vietnam’s WTO Services Specific Commitments, the 2005 Commercial Law of Vietnam, Decree No. 07/2016/ND-CP dated January 25, 2016 of the Government detailing the Commercial Law regarding representative offices and branches of foreign traders in Vietnam, the following sectors/ subsectors are those in which representative offices and branches of foreign traders are allowed to establish in Vietnam:

Regarding Representative Office:

Sectors Sub-sectors
Business services
Professional Services Legal services
Accounting and auditing and bookkeeping services
Taxation services
Architectural services
Engineering services
Integrated engineering services
Urban planning and urban landscape architectural services
Veterinary services
Computer and Related Services
Research and Development Services
Rental/Leasing Services without Operators Relating to aircraft
Relating to other machinery and equipment
Other Business Services Advertising services
Market research services
Management consultant services
Services related to management consulting
Technical testing and analysis services
Services incidental to agriculture, hunting and forestry
Services incidental to mining
Services incidental to manufacturing
Related scientific and technical consulting services
Maintenance and repair of equipment
Communication services
Courier Services
Telecommunication Services
Audio-visual Services
Construction and related engineering services
General construction work for building
General construction work for civil engineering
Installation and assembly work
Building completion and finishing work
Distribution services
Commission agents’ services
Wholesale trade services
Retailing services
Franchising services
Educational services
Secondary education services
Higher education services
Adult education
Other education services
Environmental services
Sewage Services
Refuse disposal services
Other services (Cleaning services of exhaust gases & Environmental impact assessment services)
Financial services
Insurance and Insurance-Related Services
Banking and Other Financial Services
Health related and social services
Hospital services
Medical and dental services
Tourism and travel related services
Hotel and restaurant
Travel agencies and tour operator services
Recreational cultural and sporting services
Entertainment services
Electronic games business
Transport services
Maritime Transport Services
Internal Waterways Transport
Air Transport Services
Rail Transport Services
Road Transport Services
Services Auxiliary to all Modes of Transport

*Please note representative offices are dependent units of foreign enterprises established according to the laws of Vietnam and are not allowed to engage in any direct profit-making activities.

Regarding branch of foreign traders:

No. Sectors/ sub-sectors
1 Legal services
2 Computer and related services
3 Management consultant services
4 Services related to management consulting
5 Construction and related engineering services
6 Franchising service
7 Financial services:

–          Insurance and insurance-related services

–          Banking and other financial services

–          Securities services


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